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Organic 14% All Purpose Mix

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gv Med bagBar ALE's Organic 14% All Purpose Mix is a certified organic sweet, coarse, textured feed to be used as a supplement to good quality hay or forage and to maintain weight gain. 

  • 14% Protein
  • 2.5% Fat
  • 7% Fiber
  • Multi Species Nutrition: Horses, Beef, Goats & Sheep
  • Quality Ingredients: NO Rice hulls or cheap safflower products
  • Highly Palatable: Textured feed mix made with Bar ALE's own special molasses blend
  • Complete Nutrition: Contains added vitamins and minerals - no supplementation necessary
  • No added Copper: May be safely fed to sheep










NET WT. 50 LBS (22.67 kg)        
Manufactured by Bar ALE, Inc.

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Organic Rolled Corn, Organic Rolled Barley, Organic Wheat Millrun, Organic Soybean Meal, Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Chloride, Monocalcium Phosphate, hydrated calcium potassium sodium aluminosilicates, Diatomaceous earth, Zinc Methionine Complex, Manganese Sulfate, Copper Polysaccharide Complex, Zinc Sulfate, Vitamin E Supplement, Sodium Selenite, Copper Sulfate, Potassium Chloride, Ethylenediamine Dihydriodide, Vitamin A Supplement, Magnesium Oxide, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Ferrous Sulfate, Cobalt Sulfate.


Feeding Instruction: CATTLE: Gradually bring feeding rate to 1 to 2 lbs. per 100 lbs. of body-weight. Feed good quality hay free choice. HORSES: 1\4 lb. to 1 lb. per 100 lbs. of Body weight. SHEEP AND GOATS:Lambs and Small Ewes 1/2 to 1-1/2 lbs. per head per day Large Ewes and Rams 1-1/2 to 3 lbs. per head per day Kids and Small Does 1/2 to 1-1/2 lbs. per head per day Large Does and Bucks 1-1/2 to 3 lbs. per head per day  CAUTION: FEED AT A RATE WHERE THE TOTAL SELENIUM DOES NOT EXCEED .3 PPM (PARTS PER MILLION) IN THE TOTAL DIET. DO NOT FEED MORE THAN 34.77 PERCENT OF DIET AS THE ONLY SOURCE OF SELENIUM.


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