Bar ALE Swine Feeds

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Bar ALE swine feeds are formulated to supply the optimal nutrients and vitamins your herd requires, from farrow to finish.

Quality Ingredients: At Bar ALE, we understand the importance of quality, optimum nutrition in our animal's life, but we don't stop there. We consider the source and quality of our ingredients to ensure the highest level of consistency, quality, and potency in every bag.

Proven Formulations: We know that great ingredients are not enough. For over 50 years, we have been passionate about developing formulations that would keep your animals in optimum shape, while keeping them coming back for more.

Consistent Manufacturing: We work with some of the best vendors in the industry to ensure that our products provide you with the consistency you need, and the quality you deserve. We carefully sample all of our products regularly to ensure specific standards are met. We are passionate about improving not only our formulations, but the manufacturing of our feed to deliver better results, every time.

All of our swine feeds are formulated with decades of experience to exceed customer expectations and industry standards. 

  • High Quality Protein. Protein sources are combined in a unique blend to provide the optimal balance of amino acids necessary to achieve maximum lean deposition.
  • Balanced Fat Levels. A blend of fats from both vegetable and animal sources provides the energy to support lean deposition, with a fatty acid profile to assist in maintaining coat condition and bloom.
  • Added Probiotics. Yeast and probiotics have been added to help aid in the optimal digestion of a variety of ingredients.
  • Chelated Minerals. Chelated minerals have been added for improved mineral absorption compared to minerals from inorganic sources.
  • High Levels of Lysine. High levels of lysine and other amino acids insure maximum lean muscle deposition.

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